Your organizations culture is the shared goals and vision of your company. It's the attitudes, beliefs and values that are prevalent in your company.

Corporate culture can be described as the one element of the company that sets it apart and makes it unique. Products and strategies are reproducible. But corporate culture is your company’s personality. Corporate culture defines your company. It is the way your organization interacts with one another as well as the outside world. Maintaining a culture that not only motivates employees but also promotes positive morale is crucial to corporate success. Positive morale improves the capacity of people to work together consistently and persistently in pursuit of their goals. It increases productivity, decreases employee turnover and makes for a happier and healthier workplace. It makes it easier to attract and keep your best talent.

Every employee has their own reason for working. Pay, benefits and a sense of purpose are just a few of the motivating factors to attract an employee to your workplace. But you company’s culture is what will keep them with you. According to the most recent studies, 30% of the U.S. workforce is disengaged and the cost is a staggering half a trillion dollars annually.  

Dr. Andrew Sirlin is responsible for working with management and employees in defining and implementing employee development and training. He specializes in creating and sustaining a workplace environment and corporate culture that remains exciting, challenging and rewarding.

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