Teaching Topics


  • Leading/ Motivating/Directing/
    Influencing Others
  • Difference between managing and leading
  • Understanding/Assessing your
    leadership style
  • How to assess your own style
  • Introduction to situational leadership
  • Understanding and managing differences in values, attitudes, personality and behavior
  • Six principles of generating loyalty
  • Getting and keeping the right people for the right jobs.
  • Delegating and empowering
  • Conducting performance appraisals


  • Assertiveness Training
  • Learn to manage with greater
    confidence and authority
  • Professionally handle problems and
    problem employees
  • Communication fundamentals
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Importance of developing good listening skills
  • Framing your message clearly

Courses - Description & Time / Location

The Essence of Leadership (ES-ESL-115)
Instructor:  Andrew Sirlin, Faculty of Queens College
Open to:  Supervisors and Managers
History has identified numerous qualities as well as characteristics of great leaders.  And the greatest leaders have one thing in common; they have developed their leadership style around their own personalities and their values.  Many people think that leaders are born.  However, leadership skills can be honed if we understand our strengths as well as areas that need improvement.  Becoming a successful leader comes down to applying a few important principles of leadership.  Join us for this workshop and gain insight about the leadership skills you already have and those you want to develop.

Persuasive Communication in the Workplace (FPD-PCW-213)                                                           
Instructor:  Andrew Sirlin, Faculty of Queens College, CUNY
Open to:  Supervisors and Managers
Persuasion is an important concept to use when attempting to alter the attitudes, beliefs and mindsets of others in order to encourage them to support your way of thinking. If you want to be a more effective communicator, manage with more cooperation, or learn how to increase   persuasion skills to win support for your ideas, join us for this workshop.

The Key to Unlocking Your Strengths (FPD-KUS-213)
Instructor:  Andrew Sirlin, Faculty of Queens College, CUNY
Open to:  All Employees
Self-esteem is an important aspect of who we are and how we are perceived by others.  It is one of the most essential factors in maintaining satisfaction in our everyday lives, both personally and professionally.  This workshop will focus on helping you to assess and maximize your strengths and enhance your self-esteem.
Leadership Skills for Supervisors (ES-LSS-213)
Being an effective leader requires more than simply getting things done- today, a higher level of supervisory skill is required.  This workshop will focus on how to: empower yourself and your staff, build credibility and trust, effectively listen, provide constructive feedback, use effective decision-making tools and problem-solving techniques.

How to Control Your Time (FPD-HCYT-215)
Date:  Thursday, November 5, 2015
Time: 9-11am
Location:  Classrooms 1 and 2
Instructor:  Andrew Sirlin, Queens College Faculty
Open to:  All Employees
Join us for this workshop to develop a framework for successful time management.  Workshop participants will learn about:  proven techniques for overcoming  procrastination by identifying the root causes of inaction; diffusing the impact of others by asserting yourself politely and calmly; dealing proactively with information overload by evaluating your information flow and retrieval process;  changing your time habits by calculating potential time savings. 

Corporate Culture:  The Environment for People in the Workplace (FPD-CEPW-215)
Begins:  Thursday, October 29, 2015
Time:  9am-11am
Location:  Classrooms 1 and 2
Instructor:  Andrew Sirlin, Queens College Faculty
Open to:  All Employees
Culture is the environment that surrounds you at your workplace all of the time.  Culture is made up of the values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, attitudes, and behaviors shared by employees.  It is the one thing that makes your organization unique. It’s your company’s personality. Corporate Culture becomes the behavior that results when a group arrives at a set of rules, generally unspoken and unwritten, for working together.  Join us and learn about the central concepts of corporate culture;  identifying  the negative characteristics of an unhealthy culture and how to create the characteristics that are necessary for a  healthy work environment.  

How a Great Leader Exceeds Expectations (ES-HGLE-215)
Date:  Thursday, December 10, 2015
Time:  9am-11am
Location:  Classrooms 1 and 2
Instructor:  Andrew Sirlin, Queens College Faculty
Open to: Supervisors and Managers
Leadership is about taking charge and influencing others to follow you.  It’s about exceeding expectations by going the extra mile, by consistently going the distance to insure success.  Join us for this workshop and learn to apply a few very simple, but important, principles of leadership.  Also, great leadership requires a complex set of skills which have to be honed and fined tuned.  Great leaders all share common characteristics which make them successful. Workshop participants will learn the truths which underpin the behaviors and actions of a great leader

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